Pastor Mike Nemmers8/20/2017
Revelation 5 The Lion & the Lamb

Pastor Mike Nemmers8/13/2017
Caught Up in His Presence - Revelation 4:1-11

Pastor Mike Nemmers7/30/2017
The Church of Laodicea Revelation 3:14-20

Pastor Mike Nemmers7/23/2017
The Church of Philadelphia Revelation 3:7-13

Pastor Mike Nemmers7/16/2017
The Church of Sardis Revelation 3:1-6

Pastor Mike Nemmers6/25/2017
Revelation 2 The Church of Pergamos (Compromising Church

Pastor Mike Nemmers5/7/2017
A Vision of Jesus Christ Revelation 1:12-20

Pastor Mike Nemmers4/23/2017
The Revelation of Jesus Christ (An Intro. to the Book of Revelation

Pastor Mike Nemmers10/9/2016
Sanctity of Life

Pastor Mike Nemmers4/17/2016
The Story of Edith Easter, retold (by Russel Kelfer)